Blade – Ep.89

A half-human half-vampire hunts other vampires and uses his cool sword to kill them for being big mean jerks. We discussed the Marvel comic movie from 1998 starring Wesley Snipes, Blade. Download This Episode

The Rock – Ep.86

Rogue American soldiers steal chemical weapons, and threaten to launch them at San Francisco unless Nicholas Cage makes a hard turn in his acting career to become the balls crazy action badass we know and love today. In this episode we … Continued

Titanic – Ep.78

Big weirdos on a big ship make everyone sad so James Cameron can face his fears. We watched Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio get along swimmingly in Titanic (1997), and we’re totally not crying, you’re crying. Download This Episode

Gremlins – Ep.77

Americans can’t follow instructions. Matt James Davis (BrainMatters Podcast) joins us to discuss, Gremlins, the 1984 motion picture that’s attempting to show us all what monsters we are capable of being. Download This Episode

The Gate – Ep.68

A portal to hell opens in Stephen Dorf’s backyard, and he must vanquish the demons that emerge with the help of his sad punk rock neighbor & some sick model rockets. Matt Needles (Empty Promises) returns to the podcast to discuss the … Continued

Poltergeist – Ep.67

A family is terrorized by their inability to leave a house. JenRaye Adams (Ghost Ghetters) & Caitlin Dearing (What’s The Story Steve) suddenly appear to help us discuss Poltergeist (1982), the film’s tragic curse, Craig T. Nelson’s rugged charm, and … Continued

Torture – Ep.1 – That’s Messed Up

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Is torture the only way to grow Christina Aguilera’s listener base? What were the weirdest forms of punishment in the ancient world? Does itchy butthole count as torture? (Yes. Yes it does.) Satisfy your morbid curiosity with this funformative NSFW … Continued

3 Ninjas – Ep.63

A grandfather with a waning grasp on reality trains his 3 grandsons in the way of ninja, but the kids’ lack respect for the artform leads them to disobeying its basic tenets and acting like violent buttholes. Ben Bazan (Latinauts: La … Continued

Willow – Ep.62

Though Warwick Davis is a terrible hero with awful decision making skills he manages to protect a very important baby from an evil queen. Carl Stoneking (An Average Caucasian) floats by the podcast to talk the triumphant return of Val … Continued

Airborne – Ep.59

Airborne is just you average fish out of water story about a California surfer kid who has to stay with his cousin (Seth Green) in Cincinnati, where our main character doesn’t surf, forgets his rollerblades, is widely hated, and takes … Continued

Hocus Pocus – Ep.58

3 women are murdered 3 times each for being witches in this fun Disney kids movie. Kristen Kurtis (WXPN Morning Show Host) braves the playfully dark depravity of a Hocus Pocus (1993), a coming of age romantic comedy about teenagers that must … Continued

Thumbelina – Ep.55

A tiny young woman is continuously abducted by a series of increasingly terrifying woodland creatures with horrible intentions. With music by Barry Manilow. Caitli McNally (I’m So Sorry) suspends her disbelief with us as we take on another haunting Don Bluth … Continued

The Negro Problem – Ep.1 w/ Jasmine Ellis

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The Negro Problem Hosts Ryan Darbonne and Taji Senior-Gipson talk with stand-up comedian, Austin-transplant and early 2000s pop culture aficionado, Jasmine Ellis. They discuss beauty standards, defining blackness and that one time a dude tried to use Spike Lee as … Continued

Twister – Ep.53

Bill Paxton steals Hellen Hunt’s movie right out from under her in a film where we pretend like the tornado is the biggest shit sucking asshole. Eli Eidson (Empty Promises) is in the studio to talk about Twister (1996) and its … Continued

True Lies – Ep.48

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret dual life as a spy comes crashing down around him as he neglects the responsibilities of his job tracking terrorist to instead devote government resources to spying on his wife and taking revenge on her for a potential affair. Quinn Buckner … Continued

Bio-Dome – Ep.46

Two stoners get stuck in a year long science experiment, and use the opportunity to prove that they’re terrible people. Chaz Formichella (bit show) batons down the hatches with us as we talk about yet another Pauly Shore movie, Bio-Dome … Continued

Big – Ep.39

A total nerd loser of a young boy’s wish on a Zoltar machine comes true and turns him into Tom Hanks in his 30’s. Frank Netscher (Fuck This Week) fires up the cast for a new year new you kind of episode on … Continued

The Wizard – Ep.38

A 90 minute Nintendo ad starring Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis. Bryan Lubu Roberts (Victrola!) helps decode The Wizard (1989) from its confusing first moments to its heart-breaking finale. Download This Episode

Chipmunk Adventure – Ep.32

3 sentient singing adolescent male animals and their undercharacterized and oversexualized female counterparts are tricked into traveling the world to trade diamonds for cash with a variety of stereotypes. And there’s music! Wyatt Tall joins the show to help us crack the … Continued

That’s Messed Up – Coming Soon

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That’s Messed Up is a podcast that explores dark subjects in a light way. Comedians and roommates Meredith Mae Roberts, Xaria Coleman, and Bryan Lubu Roberts have a natural back and forth that helps keep the discussion on each episode’s terrifying topic … Continued

Rad Scientists – Ep.01

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Every sound ever made throughout history is imprinted upon the fabric of time, and two amateur scientists have created a device that allows them to tap into that energy so they may listen back on the past. Rad Scientists was … Continued

CHRIS MCKEEVER – EP.06 – Got Your Back

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This week Cody and KC sat down with Chris Mckeever. Chris Mckeever is currently directing the sketch show “Back In Townsville“, Nice Astronaut’s comedic play and sketch comedy show (This April/May at ColdTowne). Chris discusses working with Nice Astronaut, studing improv at UCB NY, playing with Kingston, coaching, performing with Double Tap, his … Continued