Cody Dearing is a multi-skilled artist currently residing in Austin, TX who has made a living as a teacher, comedic actor, director, improviser, writer, podcast host, musician, audio engineer, producer, graphic designer and more.

He has created, directed, and performed in dozens of comedy shows, videos, songs, and podcasts informed by years of comedy training by teachers from ColdTowne Theater (Austin), IO Theater & The Annoyance (Chicago), and UCB (NY/LA).

While acting as the Artistic Director and Education Director at ColdTowne Theater for the last several years Cody created and taught curriculum for classes, and workshops offered throughout TX, as well as national workplace improv training to Austin based companies including Whole Foods.


Cody teaches improv at ColdTowne Theater where his peers elected him “Teacher of the Year” for 3 consecutive years.

He has created curriculum for comedy classes as well as a 4 week beginner’s podcasting workshop.

He can be heard weekly as the co-host of the retro-movie review podcast, Was This Always Weird.

Recently, Cody has been gaining further knowledge and experience with audio production by recording podcasts in Austin (That’s Messed Up, One Hit Wondering, The Negro Problem, Cut The Music) and he also recently created an album of “sketch comedy nightmares” called Good Boy.


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